Program Benefits

For Children

  • Extensive research has shown that participation in quality pre-kindergarten experiences significantly improves early literacy, language and math skills.
  • Pre-k has been shown to improve student performance on third-grade tests
  • Reduce the number of kids held back in school by up to 36 percent and
  • Reduce the need for special education by up to 49 percent.

For Early Childhood Education Providers

  • Free marketing
  • Recognition as a RSG Participant
  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • Technical Assistance to improve or maintain Step Up To Quality rating

For the Community, children who participate in quality early childhood education programs:

  • Have higher rates of employment as adults
  • Have higher earnings as adults
  • Have reduced participation in crime as adults
  • Have reduced rate of use of public assistance as adults
  • Finally, research shows the rate of return on investments in early childhood education is far greater than investments made in primary and secondary education