Ready Set Go to Kindergarten

September's Literacy Events

Nicolle Bellmore Pierse - Thursday, September 08, 2016
Check out these awesome Literacy Activities the Elyria Public Library System ( is holding in the month of September! We're especially proud of Little Explorers STEM! At Central branch--320 Washington  ..

4 Steps to Volunteering as a Family

Nicolle Bellmore Pierse - Tuesday, August 23, 2016
With families juggling work, kids, school, sports, elderly relatives, and countless activities, it is easy to feel frazzled and disconnected from each other’s lives. But experts in family health have a solution: volunteer together! Even fam ..

Is that Developmentally Appropriate?

Nicolle Bellmore Pierse - Friday, August 19, 2016
There are great differences between our young learners. This must be taken into consideration when we are planning our intentional teaching opportunities and setting our expectations for our own children. We must keep in mind: wha ..