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Valentines Day Crafts

Nicolle Bellmore Pierse - Thursday, February 11, 2021

Tissue Paper Wreath - Super cute door decoration that can double as sensory play


Simple Yarn Valentine - Easy craft to adjust for different age levels


Heart Tube Stamping - Great way to re-use old toilet paper tubes before throwing them out


Handprint Hearts - Simple craft that can double as memorabilia from that moment in time


Valentine Name Puzzle - Great way to help kids learn to recognize their own names, and can be adjusted to the child's level


Spin-Art Hearts - Contained mess that creates something beautiful


Pasta and Bead Hearts - Great fine motor activity to do with your little ones


Cheerio Bird Feeders - Another great fine motor activity that you can hang outside to get some bird watching in this month


Heart Corner Bookmarks - Origami is super fun and this tutorial is a good entrance into the art form


Shake Painting - Similar to the spin-art hearts, this is an even simpler craft with contained mess and tons of fun for your child

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