Ready Set Go to Kindergarten

The TERC--a Teacher's Playground!

Nicolle Bellmore Pierse - Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Today could have been my very favorite meeting ever!! 

The Directors of the Ready Set Go…to Kindergarten initiative meet on a monthly basis to talk about community resources, plan next steps, and provide support to each other.   Today we toured the TERC (Teacher Education Resource Center) located at Lorain County Community College (LCCC); the TERC is a joint effort between LCCC and Ashland University.  This incredible FREE resource is available to the community at large—including our early childhood education community!

Basically, the TERC is a teacher’s playground.  There are instructional resources for loan including lesson planning materials, puppets, videos, music, big books, children’s literature, games, text book kits, educational journals (including nearly twenty years of The Mailbox), and small equipment such as tape recorders.  I was most excited, however, about the technology resources and production equipment. 

There is an on-site learning lab with both a SMART board and a Promethean board.  More importantly, there is on-site training available for both of these devices.  Simply contact the TERC to set up an appointment. 

The real fun is in the production equipment.  Laminators, an Artwaxer, book binders, a button maker, printers, and hundreds upon hundreds of Ellison and Accu-Cut dies—I could get lost in there for hours.  It turns out you can use any type of material in the die cutter as you can cut with scissors.  I had the most fun with the pop-up sponge sheet—what a great way to theme the sensory table to what the class is currently studying.


Need to practice fine motor skills?  Laminate a sheet of cardstock, use one of the many “lacing” die cut shapes, and viola—new fine motor practice. 

Cement walls plaguing you?  Use the Artwaxer to make any laminated sheet ready to hang…and rehang…and rehang…

Is your class discussing recycling?   Encourage everyone to recycle their paper in one location throughout the week, have the class cut the paper into squares, and then use your planning time to head off to the TERC to create notepads to use in the writing center.


A few things to keep in mind if you plan on heading over to the TERC:

  • the TERC is not a safe place for young children, thus young children are not permitted in the center;
  • hours vary each semester—although there are Saturday hours—call ahead to make sure they are open or to ensure the equipment you want to use is ready (440-366-4082);
  • there is a charge for certain renewable items so I’ve attached a materials price list HERE—you are also welcome to bring your own materials with you. 

There are so many creative ways to make use of the TERC—I would love to hear how you have taken advantage of this unique community resource.  Until then, I have some new projects to work on!

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