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Thankful Tree

Nicolle Bellmore Pierse - Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Teach your kids about the meaning of Thanksgiving with this gratitude tree! There are tons of variations on this craft, but here's the basic idea:

  • Cut out various leaf shapes
  • Write things that you are thankful for onto the leaves
  • Attach the leaves to some sort of "tree"

It looks super cool if you use different colors for the leaves (such as red, yellow, and orange for a fall theme) but printer paper or scrap paper will also work. You can use pipe cleaners to create a tree shape by twisting them together. You could also make the tree shape out of paper - click on this link to access an article with a template for a 3D paper tree. Another option is to incorporate nature! Take your little one on a walk and help them pick out a tree branch that has fallen on the ground. You can then use a cup and some sort of filler (beans or small rocks work really well) to stand the branch upright.


Don't worry if your child can't write yet. You can talk to them and write on the leaves for them or they can draw pictures! This is a great craft for the whole family to do together and a great opportunity to talk about gratitude.

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