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Free Playdough Mats from Preschool Play and Learn

Nicolle Bellmore Pierse - Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Preschool Play and Learn is an incredible website with tons of resources provided by Beth Gordon, the amazing woman who runs the site! One of the really cool printable resources that Beth has tons of variations on is playdough mats. These mats take playing with playdough to the next level, and even get your child to learn while they're playing. From alphabet to numbers, seasonal play mats, tool playdough mats, addition task cards, human body playdough mats and more - they've got so many fun hands-on printables for you! Great for all ages all year round, check out the links below for FREE playdough mats (and a surprise at the very end).

  • Tool Playdough Mats are a fun way for preschoolers to learn the names of some common tools
  • Kids will make cars, busses, rockets, hot air balloons, airplanes and more with these Adorable Transportation Playdough mats
  • Emotion Playdough mats are a fun way to help kids start to recognize feelings
  • Musical Instruments for Kids Playdough Mats
  • Form a variety of common items like apple, cat, face, boat, flowers, and more with these playdough pictures
  • Celebrate cute pets as kids make birds, cats, turtles, fish, dogs, and more with these playdough mats
  • Cute Princess Playdough Mats - dress-up the pretty princess
  • Human Body Playdough Mats for kids to learn about organs, skeletal systems, muscles and more that are under their skin!
  • Free Alphabet Playdough Mats from A to Z - make the letter and finish the picture by decorating with playdough (or crayons if you prefer)
  • Practice thr words with these phonics playdough mats for first graders
  • Rainbow 2d shape playdough mats
  • Shape Playdough Mats - kids will not only practice making the shape and see real world examples of the shape, but they will learn the shape name too!
  • These silly monsters help kids practice making shapes and learning shape names using free printable playdough mats!
  • Cute Playdough Letter Mats are a fun way for kids to work on forming uppercase letters and learning their phonemic sounds too!
  • Animals A-Z Uppercase letter tracing using play dough
  • Simple Alphabet Playdough Mats - make the uppercase and lowercase letter then practice tracing the letters
  • Super Simple alphabet playdough cards to not overwhelm young learners. Cards include uppercase letter, one initial sound picture, and the name of the picture only.
  • Dreaming of ice cream? These alphabet playdough mats allow students to form letters, practice alphabet tracing, and star learning the sound letters make too!
  • Work on telling time with these playdough mats

Homemade Playdough Recipes

  • You MUST try this Amazing Color Changing Playdough - the heat from your child's hands will make it go from yellow to red, to orange. It is so beautiful and epically FUN!
  • Kool Aid Playdough is our go-to homemade playdough because it is super EASY to make and smells A-Mazing!
  • If you are whipping up a batch of playdough during the summer months, this EPIC Ice Cream Play dough is THE recipe. Not only does it scoop up just like real ice cream, but it is an EDIBLE Playdough recipe too!
  • Silk Soft 2 ingredient Playdough is super quick to whip up with materials you probably have in your home!
  • Peeps Playdough is so much fun for kids to make with just 2 ingredients! This recipe is also a playdough that is edible!

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