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A Holiday Activity A Day!

Nicolle Bellmore Pierse - Friday, December 15, 2017

When my daughter was two I decided to start a new family tradition—a holiday activity a day leading up to Christmas!  People thought I was nuts—my husband included—but nine years later we are still going strong and my girls look forward to it every year.  Some nights we do big things like going to see a play and other nights we do very simple activities like coloring a Christmas picture.  It is never something that feels like more work---everyone in the family should enjoy this.  

Behind each door I place a slip of paper with that day’s activity listed on it.  I keep a master calendar so I can switch things around if I need to. Each morning the girls wake up and open the drawer to see that day’s activity.  Here are a few ideas of thing we have done in the past or plan to do this year:

  1. See a holiday play—check out a local production.  This year we are going to see to Lorain County Community College to see this version of the Nutcracker.

  2. Who Pudding (pistachio instant pudding with red/green sprinkles on top)

  3. Build a Christmas puzzle

  4. Make a batch of Santa Crunch Popcorn

  5. Hot cocoa night

  6. Drive to look at lights

  7. Holiday story night

  8. Bath tub Christmas trees (cut shapes out of craft foam, when wet it will stick to the shower walls and kids can redecorate their tree over and over again)

  9. Letters to Santa

  10. Make Cinnamon Ornaments

  11. Gingerbread creation—I just buy a prepacked set at the store (usually on clearance the year before)

  12. Wrap presents

  13. Go Caroling

  14. Snowman/candy cane/tree  pizzas—you have to feed them, it might as well be fun!

  15. Metroparks Activity—Campfire Hikes, Swimming with Santa there are a lot of choices so check out their schedule here

  16. Baking day.  Intimidated by baking, try this recipe it is easy and the cookies are amazing!

  17. Cookies to fire and police stations

  18. Celebrate Hanukkah--books about Hanukkah, matzo ball soup and latkes (potato pancakes) for dinner, simple Hanukkah craft

  19. Attend Holiday school program

  20. Celebrate winter solstice (make candle, make sunny winter solstice ornaments, make lanterns, make cranberry/popcorn garland)

  21. Campout by tree and Holiday movie marathon.  This is one of my favorites and always on the 23rd.  I’m so excited the 23rd is on a Saturday this year—that means ALL. THE. MOVIES.

  22. Candy Cane Hunt: hide 12 candy canes around the house and let the kids find them

  23. Go through house and collect 3 things each to donate

  24. North Pole Breakfast—I’m taking a day off this year to wrap while the girls are in school so I’m going to wake up early to make them a hot breakfast, probably Rudolph pancakes.  This recipe shows you what they should look like but I admit to using premixed batter

Overwhelmed by trying to plan this?  Scale back to the 12 Days of Christmas or do Holiday Book a Day-- wrap 24 holiday books and place in a basket by the tree.  Select one each night to read before bedtime.

What is your favorite holiday activity? 


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