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6 Indoor Winter Activities!

Nicolle Bellmore Pierse - Monday, January 22, 2018

It’s January, and with the bitter cold and snow most of us have been stuck inside a little too much. Fight boredom with our list of six indoor activities that are fun for the whole family!

  1. Have a micro-treasure hunt! Give each child a matchbox or other small box to collect their treasure in, and send them looking for tiny things! Paperclips, beads, buttons, and small legos strategically placed throughout your home will have them filling their box and having fun in no time!
  2. Create a Play/Show! This is one of our favorites! Not only is it dramatic play for your preschooler, but you can also be as crafty as you want with it! Got some old socks laying around? Make sock puppets! Got some empty cardboard boxes? Create a puppet stage or props for a play! No time for crafts? Just act out your show instead!
  3. Make a special card/write a letter! Get out the paper, pencils, and crayons! Make something special like a card or a letter, and mail it to a relative! Your child will be so excited to mail something to someone special!
  4. Make a magazine/newspaper! Help your child put together their own newspaper or magazine. They can even interview another family member to be highlighted in their magazine/newspaper!
  5. Have an indoor picnic or tea party! You don’t need the great outdoors to enjoy a picnic or tea party with your little ones!
  6. Make a collage! Grab the old magazines, scissors, and some glue!

What is your favorite indoor winter activity? 

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