Ready Set Go to Kindergarten

10 Ways to Prepare for Kindergarten & Life!

Nicolle Bellmore Pierse - Wednesday, September 21, 2016
The Top Ten Things You Can Do to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten & Life! 

10. Encourage your child to participate in play dates with friends. Life is all about getting along with others. Children need to learn how to play together and work out differences. 

9. Read books and tell stories to your child. Ask your child to read books and tell stories to you! Even if your child can't really read yet, he/she can tell you what happens in the story based on memory or picture clues!

8. Always encourage your child to do what he/she can do for themselves. This helps to build independence. 

7. Model self-care tasks. Manage coats, shoes, zippers, bathroom needs, etc. 

6. Help your child learn how to recognize his/her name and then work towards spelling and writing it! 

5. Play the letter/number game as you drive around town. What letters/numbers can you find? Who can find A? Who can find B? Can you get through the alphabet before getting home?

4. Play board games. This helps your child learn how to take turns and share! 

3. Let your child draw/write. A "scribble" is so much more than just a "scribble". Keep a shoe box with scrap paper and child safe scissors so you and your child can practice cutting in a safe environment! 

2. Play outside and practice using large motor skills by running, jumping, balancing, etc. On rainy days, play with PlayDough to build fine motor strength. 

And the #1 activity you can do with your child is...JUST TALK TO THEM! Ask your child questions and expect him/her to answer using words (and then work towards answering in complete sentences!) Children need to hear adults speak in sentences and they need to be able to respond appropriately in complete sentences. Before a child will ever be able to write in a complete sentence, he or she must be able to speak in complete sentences.



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